Food for thought

An inspiring continuation to Chris McCandless story as told by his sister, Carine. In 1992, Chris McCandless set out on a solo escapade into the wild in hopes of finding greater meaning in life. His inspiring story turned into a novel written by Jon Krakauer and a movie directed by Sean Penn called Into the Wild. Carine pays tribute to her brother’s courageous venture and shares her own inspiring story.

Emma Marris, a non-fiction writer whose work focuses on modern environmentalism, explains the dangers of perceiving nature as the “untouched, distant places to which we must travel to” and urges us to re-define it as something that is “all around us; the trees in our yard, the air we breathe.” It is when we allow ourselves and our children to explore the environment without boundaries, that we mend the growing disconnection of our generation with the natural world.

John Hunter, an elementary school teacher in West Virginia created a world simulation on a plywood board and asks his 4th grade students to solve 50 of the world’s most complex problems by engaging in negotiations and collective wisdom. Amazing. Could you imagine how much more peaceful this world would be if we raised younger generations to think with such compassion?